Milan All Weather Riders

Welcome to the Milan All Weather Riders Website.     

The Milan All Weather Riders Snowmobile Club is a non-profit organization that maintains over 100 miles of trails on the EAST side of the Androscoggin River from Errol to the Success Pond area. Our extensive trail system runs from the      east side of the Berlin/Gorham area to the Lake Umbagog area of NH. We invite you to enjoy the magnificent views of mountains, ponds, rivers, wildlife and more that our trails offer. The club was established as a non-profit in 1996 but operated for many years prior to that. Anyone interested in joining our volunteering  may join us at any meeting, or contact our club President, Doug Young, at (603) 449-2442. Meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month beginning at 7:00 pm at  the Clubhouse located on French Hill Rd (the old Skaty Cat) in Milan NH.  Go online to to view of list of NH OHRV agents that can register your sleds.  Check your gear and safety equipment. 


Applications for club memberships are now being accepted.    

Thank You!!!

Milan All Weather Riders would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you"!

Thank you MEMBERS (long-time members and new) for being a part of this club, and for your donations.

Thank you VOLUNTEERS and CLUB OFFICERS for your continued hard work at fundraisers and maintaining trails.


Thank you LANDOWNERS for the continued use of your properties.